VodafoneZiggo, Utrecht, NL



For VodafoneZiggo, I guided the development teams towards the company’s strategy and vision by building bridges between marketing, business and technology. Our team set up a platform based on Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 that can be used to create the websites ziggo.nl and vodafone.nl in the near future. The first release was the Ziggo Entertainment Portal.
Biggest challenge is the managing of stakeholders in the component-based thinking in building pages. But regular missionary work is paying off because of the fast output rate of pages.
This project’s goal is not only providing a CMS platform, but also a new way of working for the digital department of both Vodafone and Ziggo. The new way of working is the finishing touch of the digital transformation that was applied to the whole department. The way of working enables scrum teams to fully deploy their changes to a production environment within the same sprint, using our cutting edge continuous delivery platform. This was rolled out over 6 scrum teams.