Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag

Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Also known as the National Library of the Netherlands The National Library of the Netherlands is based in The Hague, founded in 1798. The KB collects everything that appears in and about the Netherlands, from medieval literature to today’s publications. About 7 million publications are stored in the warehouse, including books, newspapers and magazines. The …

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VodafoneZiggo For VodafoneZiggo, I guided the development teams towards the company’s strategy and vision by building bridges between marketing, business and technology. Our team set up a platform based on Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 that can be used to create the websites and in the near future. The first release was the …

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Pearson, London, UK

Pearson needed a technical lead for several projects: 1. Pearson Qualifications: Help the team board the Pearson Qualifications website onto the Pearson Marketing Cloud infrastructure and codebase. This will optimise the monitoring and tech ops work by having this centrally managed. 2. Pearson UK: Set up a new Pearson UK website based on the Pearson …

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Allianz, Munich, DE

Initially, Allianz Technology required assistance in getting a feel on the estimations of the current backlog items by having a solution architect evaluate the stories on a technical level. Eventually, I ended up performing the following tasks: Leading the business analyst team to optimise the workflows and understand the available technology; Leading the current architects …

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Bose, Maastricht, NL

Bose was looking for a technical person to help accelerate a number of test cases in the global personalisation programme (PCE). The tests in this programme vary from automated recommendation scenarios to experience targeting.
 The base technical foundation should be there, but is often disconnected from actual business cases. I help Bose in both the …

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